Weight Loss Packages

At RevitalizeMaui, our goal is to provide our patients with options that will give them healthy and lasting weight loss. Along with looking at factors such as hormones or underlying health issues that can be causing weight gain or an inability to lose weight, we also understand that sometimes you may need some additional help making healthier lifestyle changes.

Our Most Popular Package


This package will help you learn how to create new, lasting lifestyle changes for weightloss and overall health, and includes weekly check-ins to maximize your results.

  • Initial 90 min Weight Loss Consultation
  • Custom Meal and Exercise Plan
  • Weekly Check-ins and Instruction
  • Weekly Body Composition Tests
    • Blood tests
    • Labs to find any underlying issues
  • 12 Weight Loss Injections
  • 12 Week Supply of 2 Supplementsʻ
    • AM & PM
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