Stay Young as Long as Possible

As we get older, our hormones change and inevitably become imbalanced as part of the aging process. Because of this, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are typically confused with simply being symptoms of getting older, and therefore not reversible. The majority of these symptoms can greatly impact your quality of life, and now with external factors playing a part (diet, environmental factors, etc), many people are beginning to experience them at a much younger age. The good news is that now with bioidentical hormone replacement you can improve, or completely resolve them so that you can continue to stay young and vibrant well into your older years.

If you recognize the symptoms below, then you can more than likely benefit from hormone replacement therapy that will allow you to regain control of your health and defy the aging process.


Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance in women include, but are not limited to:

Sleep disturbances
Vaginal dryness/atrophy
Dry skin
Weight gain
Low libido
Low thyroid symptoms
Heavy, irregular menses
Breast swelling and tenderness
Foggy thinking
Memory lapses
Heart palpitations
Painful intercourse
Mood swings
Bone loss
Night Sweats
Uterine fibroids
Fibrocystic breasts


Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance in men include, but are not limited to:

Erectile dysfunction
Low libido
Hair loss
Mood swings or irritability
Depression or anxiety
Fatigue or lack of energy
Night sweats or hot flashes
Sleep apnea or insomnia
Memory loss
Heart palpitations
Muscle loss or weakness
Increased body fat
Constipation or increased bowel movements
Gynecomastia (development of breasts in men)

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