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Thyroid Body Type Menu

Remember that for a Thyroid body type, you will want to include 2 eggs in your breakfast each day to optimize your metabolism.

If you are unsure of the body type you are (pituitary, adrenal, gonad or thyroidal body type), take our body type diet quiz to find out.

Here is a sample menu for a thyroid body type diet for one day:


-2 eggs, any style
-1 teaspoon of butter or vegetable oil (used to cook the eggs or spread on the toast)
-1/2 slice whole grain bread or toast
-1 cup only of decaffeinated coffee or tea

Don’t eat lunch for at least 4 hours after breakfast.


At least 1 cup of any combination of cooked or raw vegetables. You can make a large salad or have a plate of cooked vegetables.

-1 teaspoon of clear diet dressing (not creamy or spicy)
-1 teaspoon of butter or diet mayo
-4 ounces of poultry or fish
-1 serving (1/2 cup) whole grains, 1 slice of whole grain bread or a small potato or sweet potato
-1 cup of skim milk or yogurt

Don’t eat dinner for at least 6 hours after having lunch.


-4 ounces of poultry, fish, lamb, beef or organ meat
-raw or steamed veggies, at least 1 cup
-1 serving (1/2 cup) whole grains or 1 slice of whole grain bread
-1 cup of skim milk or yogurt

You can have a small protein snack in between meals. Good snack ideas include boiled eggs, almonds, turkey jerky or 1-2oz of chicken.

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