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Your Age Defiance Secret

Your Age Defiance Secret

BHRT Program at RevitalizeMaui

Discover your BHRT ProgramIt’s a dirty secret that we all share – but no one talks about it. After a certain age you just don’t feel the same. Your energy drops while your stress level skyrockets. Even if you’re spending time in the gym, it seems like you have to work twice as hard and only see half the results. We have a team of doctors who specialize in hormonal disorders who have helped hundreds of people just like you to take 10 years off the way they look and feel. They have created a short online quiz to see if you may have a “Low T” imbalance. It’s just 5 easy questions that might change the way you feel – Click the button!

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

Our mission at RevitalizeMaui is to improve your physical, sexual, and mental energy.


As you age, your energy levels decrease… or so they tell you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve lost that feeling of limitless energy you had in your 20’s it doesn’t have to be a permanent loss! We can help you regain your youthful vitality with our BHRT Program.




Another lie everyone just accepts is that after 40 your metabolism changes and weight gain is unstoppable. What actually happens is a change in your hormonal systems, including a drop in testosterone that leads to weight gain around the belly. But all you need is the right plan to balance your hormones and get rid of that spare tire. With our BHRT Program, our medical team will help you balance your hormones, customize your nutrition, and develop optimal exercise plans to decrease fat and increase muscle mass.


It’s a cruel trick of nature that right as your partner’s libido revs up, low sex drive hits you. But it’s fixable. Loss of sex drive is a by-product of diminishing hormone levels. We can help you reset by balancing your hormone levels and bringing back the sexual virility that your partners expect. An unexpected bonus – it elevates your sensation too!




Do you ever feel like your memory just isn’t as sharp as it once was? Do you walk into a room and forget why you were even going in there? Age related brain diseases and cognitive impairment are on the rise. Proper nutrition, exercise, and hormone balancing will keep the brain functioning at peak performance. Work with our clinical team to improve your overall health including focus and mental sharpness.


Waking up more often? Trouble falling asleep? Are you taking something to help you “settle down” at night? These are all symptoms of Lowered Testosterone levels. Snoring, sleep apnea, and sleeping through the night can all be linked to hormones changing as well. Regain a good night’s sleep with RevitalizeMaui. We can help to balance those hormones and give you the rest you need to be at your best.



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