What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance is perfect for creating an elegant finishing touch to your appearance. It can be used to fill small gaps beneath the skin’s surface and improve the appearance of stubborn, etched-in smile lines and vertical lip lines above and around the lips. It is also an excellent choice for use under the eyes because it is soft and can be injected more superficially (if needed), unlike the other hyaluronic acid fillers.

Before and After Belotero Balance Treatment

As we age, our skin inevitably loses the appearance of our youth as the production of natural dermal volumisers and moisturisers, such as hyaluronic acid, diminish. This is what leaves us with unwanted lines and wrinkles where our skin once was youthful, even and radiant. These signs of the natural ageing process can be reduced by replacing lost hyaluronic acid with dermal fillers.

What is Belotero Balance used for?

Belotero Balance for under the eyes

Tear Trough (under eyes)

The tear trough, also known as a nasojugal groove, extends from the inner corner of the eye, and a deep tear trough can create a shadow that is perceived as a dark circle below the eye, as well as a division between the lower eyelid and cheek that is a sign of aging around the eyes. Many people with deep tear troughs feel that they look more tired and older than they really are. Using filler in this area can replace volume, making you appear younger and more well rested. Belotero Balance tends to be more malleable than other HA fillers, making it a great choice for this under eye treatment.

Nasolabial Folds

The lines that run vertically between your nose and mouth, also called nasolabial folds, can become more pronounced over time. As these folds become deeper, they can create unflattering shadows on your face that may you appear older.

Smile Lines

Those stubborn etched-in smile lines around your nose and mouth (sometimes called nasolabial lines and wrinkles) naturally begin to develop and deepen as you age, but you don’t have to let them distract from your smile. Belotero Balance is the perfect finishing touch to help you take those wrinkles all the way to smooth.

Corner Lines

Downturned lines at the corners of your mouth can make you appear like you are sad or angry – even when you are not. These corner lines are a natural result of gravity taking its toll, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles at the corners of the mouth are noticeably smoother when treated with Belotero Balance, while still maintaining a natural look and feel.

Vertical Lip Lines

Every time you speak, eat, kiss, or smile, time is working against your skin’s appearance. Your skin remembers these actions, causing lines to eventually begin to show on your face. These vertical lines above and below your lips can be difficult to hide with makeup, and are even highlighted if a bright shade of lipstick bleeds into them.

Chin Wrinkles

Some people develop a horizontal line that appears across their chin in the shape of an upside down smiley face as they age. These etched-in lines are simply the natural result of repeated expressions or an active chin muscle, but they can also subtly add years to your appearance. Belotero Balance is an ideal option for filling in these stubborn lines on your chin, giving you a more youthful appearance that looks and feels natural.


Belotero Balance can be used in the lips for subtle volume, and is especially good for accentuating the vermilion border, or the edge where the lip meets the skin. It is a very natural result for someone looking to enhance what they already have.

Benefits of treatment with Belotero Balance

Belotero Balance delivers smooth, even results that feel and look completely natural by integrating directly into the skin, helping to enhance the appearance of stubborn etched-in lines and wrinkles.

  • Helps smooth moderate-to-severe etched-in facial lines and wrinkles
  • Feels natural to the touch
  • Maintains normal movement and facial expressions
  • Is a quick, easy treatment that provides immediate, noticeable results
  • Requires little to no downtime

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