Laser Hair Removal Areas: How to Choose the Right Style

Laser Hair Removal Areas: Choose the Right Style!

Well… some of us are just… hairy. Unwanted hair. It’s here. It’s there. Yep, even there. And then, as soon as you get rid of it by shaving or are loving your silky smooth skin, here it is again! It can be especially frustrating if you have dark hair. There are plenty of surveys out there estimating how many days we spend shaving in a year. And it’s a lot, trust us. We won’t say, as the statistical approach seems a bit… ahem shaky.

But you catch our drift. If this sounds like you, laser hair removal is something you should consider.

While men tend to focus on their face and shave more often (unless they have decided to go full Santa), women spend a lot of time shaving as they have much larger areas to cover-approximately 10 min per shave. To make matters worse, the costs of razors and other products used add up quickly. A hair removal survey indicated U.S. women spend more than $10,000 on hair removal products and services throughout their lives. And did mention all the minor cuts and nicks we get while in a hurry?

Laser hair removal is a fantastic way to remove unwanted body hair long-term and is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. But what type and style of treatment should you choose? We’re here to explain the different types and styles of laser hair removal areas and help you decide which option is right for you.

According to The Aesthetic Society, the U.S. has witnessed a massive growth in laser hair removal procedures which have risen by 51% from 2000. And according to, the global laser hair removal industry is projected to take a huge leap from just under a billion to almost 1.5 billion by 2022.

If you are looking to make hair removal permanent, Laser hair removal is the best option for any skin color and is one of the easiest medical procedures.


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Both – women and men of different skin types and skin colors are great candidates for laser hair removal. Long gone are the times when only women get laser treatments to save time, money, and a lifetime of shaving. More men are now open to permanent hair removal and getting it done! Laser hair removal can be performed on any part of the body where you want to remove unwanted hair and desire smooth skin and is very common treatment.

Let’s go over the most common laser hair removal areas for both women and men.

Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas for Women

Laser Hair Removal Areas for Women

Bikini Area

Traditional methods of removing hair in the bikini line area include shaving and waxing, but these methods produce short-term results. Laser hair removal treatment series in the bikini line area to remove hair follicles provides long-lasting hair reduction for easier ongoing maintenance. Patients return for several sessions to target an active growth cycle. This is one of the most popular laser hair removal areas.

The difference between Bikini Styles:

  • Bikini line: A bikini line hair removal involves removing the hair from along the front edges of your bikini bottoms, so nothing sneaks out without permission.
  • Full Bikini: A full bikini wax is like a bikini line removal but with follow-through across the top, bottom, and back to ensure a smooth and orderly edging for that basic manicured look.
  • Brazilian Laser Removal: The ever-so-popular Brazilian laser hair removal treatments include more area than bikini treatments because they include the labia and perineal regions. This option leaves the bikini area completely bare.
  • Hollywood Laser Removal (aka French Bikini): Hollywood Laser removal is basically a Brazilian laser hair removal, but with a tasteful strip of hair. Just in case you’re too scared to say goodbye to your fuzz.


Underarms are a very popular area for patients to receive laser hair removal treatment. The hair follicles in the underarms respond very well to the laser, especially when removing dark hairs, and treatments last approximately 5 minutes each.


The legs usually respond great to laser hair removal, especially for patients with dark hair but most hair colors can be treated. Leg hair is typically thicker and darker than hair in other areas. Because of this, you can often get excellent results in the fewest number of treatments. The legs are one of the most popular laser hair removal areas to get done.

Most popular laser hair removal areas for men:

Permanent Hair Removal for Men


Laser hair removal reduces ingrown hairs and irritating razor bumps caused by frequent shaving. Many patients opt for specific laser hair removal areas to be treated to remove facial hair, such as between the eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns etc.

Upper, lower or full back

Laser hair removal treatments on the back are a very popular procedure among male patients, as the back is a hard-to-reach area that is difficult to groom and typically has very dense dark hairs.

Upper arms, shoulders and neck

Upper arms, shoulder and neck are other very popular areas for men as they can be uncomfortable and even hazardous for some men in certain occupations.

Stomach, abdomen and chest

The areas of stomach, abdomen and chest are common areas for patients who have excess hair. Laser hair removal treatments can be performed on these body areas, providing a long-term reduction in hair growth.

Manzilian – men’s intimate area

In simple terms, Manzilian hair removal involves removing hair from the man’s nether regions. The treatment itself changes from one patient to the next, depending on each person’s preference.

Popular Laser Hair Removal Areas FAQ:

Is Hollywood laser hair removal safe?

Hollywood laser hair removal is safe and well-tolerated when performed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals and is one of the safest hair removal methods. There do not appear to be any long-term health risks associated with laser hair removal treatments. Topical anesthetics such as numbing cream are not needed. Limit your sun exposure to the areas treated to avoid skin irritation, especially for light skin color.

What is the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood laser hair removal?

Brazilian and Hollywood laser hair removal are some of our most popular laser hair removal treatments here at RevitalizeMaui. During the Brazilian laser hair removal, pubic hair is groomed and removed from the front of the pubic bone, around the external genitals, between the upper thighs, and around the anus, while Hollywood laser hair removal will leave a small strip of hair in the front, which is often referred to as a landing strip.

Is Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing?

Some patients may find the intimate nature of Brazilian laser hair removal embarrassing. Even though this is a medical treatment in a medical setting, you are not alone in feeling embarrassed or intimidated. Rest assured, RevitalizeMaui prides itself on discretion and professionalism, and your comfort is very important to us. Brazilian laser hair removal becomes less embarrassing over time as you become more comfortable with your technician and the process.

What happens during Hollywood laser hair removal?

The Hollywood laser hair removal treatment starts with the area being gently cleaned. The positions are similar to standard waxing positions, such as the butterfly position to easily access the desired areas for hair removal. With the Diode laser, we apply ultrasound gel to glide easily across the surface, passing over the areas 3-4 times to ensure that we have the desired end result.

It is typically done in sections but is up to the medical professional who is performing the treatment on how they tackle the challenge (everyone has different techniques). Once every area has been passed over the correct amount of times, the patient will be cleaned off with gentle cleansing wipes to not further aggravate the skin and aloe vera will be applied. You should treat the area as though you have a mild sunburn over the next couple of days-remember to limit sun exposure.

What does manzilian hair removal include?

A manzilian removes hair permanently from the male pubic region, similar to a woman’s Brazilian hair removal treatment. It typically includes the unwanted hair in both the front and back of the “nether regions”.

What does male Brazilian include?

A male Brazilian includes the entire genital area including the backside. Based on personal preference, some hair can be left as well to add some tasteful style to the hair removal.

How many treatments do men need to remove hair with laser hair removal?

On average, completing all laser hair removal areas for men can typically take 5-7 sessions. However, the amount varies depending on the area and each patient’s hair type or thickness. Some men may need more, some may need less. A consultation with the medical professional performing the treatment will help determine what is best for each patient specifically.

Do men get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal has become increasingly popular for men wanting to reduce body hair, prevent painful ingrown hairs, or cut down on the time and expense of regular hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. Common laser hair removal areas for men include the back, chest, shoulders, and face.

At RevitalizeMaui, we can create a personalized treatment plan that works within your aesthetic goals and budget. So if you are ready for smooth skin free from unwanted body hair let RevitalizeMaui help you with your laser hair removal areas, schedule your appointment with us!

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