IM Vitamin Bar

RevitalizeMaui’s custom shots are specially formulated by our Medical Director – Emeka B. Okwuje, a board-certified anesthesiologist and pioneer in the emerging field of longevity medicine. Dr. Okwuje’s custom nutrient formulas are based on the top nutrient injection therapy protocols, and are targeted for individuals seeking to optimize their nutrient levels and quality of life. These intramuscular (IM) injections are injected into the muscle and then absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing for a much higher absorption rate than oral supplements that must pass through the GI tract.

How IM Vitamin Injections Work

Our medical team at RevitalizeMaui has formulated a healthy menu of vitamin injections that bypass your GI system to help deliver the maximum dosage of nutrients – fast. Choose from our selection of vitamin and nutrient injections that best suit your needs, or let us help you decide which of our shots is right for your body and lifestyle.

While many other centers use injections with either low dosages or high injection volumes, all of our formulas feature the highest concentration of vitamins, minimizing the injection volume (and any discomfort), while maximizing the dosage – and your results.


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Energy Enhancing Injections

Energize Your Mind and Body


Combat stress and balance your mood, while increasing your energy.

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This injection contains a concentrated dose of B12 to help you to increase your energy levels while balancing your mood so that you feel ready to take on life again. This is the perfect shot for when you are feeling tired or down, and are looking for a physical and mental boost.


An extra boost of energy to keep you at your mental and physical peak.

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The extra dose of B vitamins in this shot gives you the energy and focus that you need to take on even the biggest physical or mental tasks. It’s a perfect alternative to caffeine for fatigue, training or when you know you are going to need an extra push of energy.


Fight chronic fatigue with this energy-boosting, feel-better injection.

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The star ingredient in this injection, CoQ10, is found in every cell of the body, and is used by your cells to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. This not only give you more energy and resistance to fatigue, but also helps prevent disease.


Weight Loss Vitamins


A powerful muscle building, fat burning and energy producing injection.

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This injection contains B12, MIC, L-Carnitine, combined with CoQ10 to provide a powerful force of muscle building, fat burning and energy boosting in the body. Best results are seen combining these injections with diet and exercise.




The ultimate lipotropic injection to help boost your weight loss efforts.

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LipoMAX uses all the same ingredients as LipoSCULPT at a higher dose, as well as additional ingredients for fat burning, including Arginine. This injection can also help with appetite and energy, making weight loss even easier.



Restorative Injections

Restore optimal levels of nutrients to prevent disease


Replenish and maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D3.

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This injection contains 100,00U of Vitamin D3 to help people who need to replenish low levels of this important nutrient. One injection is so effective that you should only need one per month to maintain optimal levels.



Increase wellness and prevent disease

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Glutathione and B12 are an amazing team that can help with energy levels, reducing damage from free radicals, preventing diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and provide many other benefits for your overall health.


Revitalizing Injections

Improve Health, Vitality and Wellness


Enhance your body’s natural immune response to help prevent illness and speed recovery time.

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This injection contains combination of B vitamins, Vitamin C and other health boosting vitamins and nutrients that will help you to prevent illness, as well as bounce back faster when you are feeling under the weather.


Our signature customizeable shot provides maximum benefits for health, wellness, longevity and vitality.

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This injection allows you to have your choice of nutrients from our Vitamin Bar (6cc maximum). Improve your mood and energy, promote weight loss and restore your health, wellness and overall vitality.

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