IV Nutrient Therapy

Why get an I.V. instead of drinking water, eating well, and taking oral supplements?

That’s because the intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids, electrolytes, medications, nutrients, and vitamins to the body. The IV fluid is absorbed directly and quickly into the bloodstream with 100% efficiency compared with approximately 20-50% for oral intake, such as supplements. That’s why I.V. fluid treatments are so commonly used in hospitals and emergency rooms.

Now you can take advantage of RevitalizeMaui’s custom IV treatments that are specially formulated by our Medical Director – Emeka Okwuje, MD. Dr. Okwuje’s custom nutrient formulas are based on the top IV nutrition therapy protocols and are targeted at individuals seeking to optimize their health, energy, quality of life, and performance.

When we eat food or use oral supplements, we have to rely on them passing through our digestive systems, where their absorption by the body takes place. Unfortunately, the average person only absorbs about 20-40% of the vitamins and nutrients they ingest orally. Additionally, the effects of 1st-pass hepatic metabolism further decrease the bio-availability of the resultant nutrients. Unfortunately, a large number of people experience gut issues that further inhibit proper absorption. IV therapy bypasses the gut, taking out all the variables that can affect absorption and bioavailability, and allows the ingredients administered to be available for immediate use by your body.


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Relying on oral supplements alone simply can’t deliver you the best results, especially because certain nutrients can never reach a high enough plasma concentration to see the desired benefits when taken this way. IV therapy allows you to sit back and relax as you head down the direct path to health by directly delivering the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed to protect and correct your health into your system.

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This treatment will use the healing and brightening power of skin-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin B-7 (Biotin).

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Our BEAUTY IV treatment will help you looking your very best by boosting your skin, hair and nails health with the healing and brightening power of skin-boosting nutrients like Vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin B-7 (Biotin).


This modified Myers’ Cocktail will promote your head-to-toe health and wellness with a comprehensive mix of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Our version of the popular Myers’ cocktail contains Magnesium, B-Complex and other essential vitamins and minerals to help with a wide array of symptoms and conditions including asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, colds, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies and depression/anxiety.


Boost your immunity. This treatment helps you prevent and/or fight illness by supporting your immune system with vital nutrients.

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Whether you are wanting to avoid potential illness, just feeling the beginning signs of getting sick or you have been sick for some time, this treatment uses B vitamins, antioxidants like Vitamin C, as well as other nutrients help boost your immune system while providing you with needed hydration so that you can feel better fast.


Get a whole body boost from this all-in-one treatment that will maximize your energy, wellness, muscles and mind.

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Our signature IV treatment gives you the “kitchen sink” when it comes to the vitamins, nutrients and amino acids it contains. Combine the benefits from all the different IVs on our menu to provide maximum improvement for your overall health, longevity and how you feel both mentally and physically. Our most popular treatment!


This treatment is customizeable, so you and Dr. Okwuje can decide together which nutrients to include to give you the most benefits.

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Before getting your ReVITALIZE GOLD Treatment, you will have a short consultation with Dr. Okwuje to discuss any health issues that you may be experiencing, as well as what you are hoping to get out of the treatment. Based on this, he will design a customized IV formula for your specific health and wellness needs.


If you want to take a more in-depth look at your health and specifically which nutritents and protocols you need, this is the IV for you.

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With this treatment, you will have a full consultation (approx 50min) to discuss your heath and wellness history and goals, and how IV Nutrient Therapy can help you obtain them. This information, as well as any labwork, will be used by Dr. Okwuje to design your specific IV treatment(s) and protocol to give you maximum benefits.

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