What are Lipotropic Injections?

Besides diet, exercise and balancing your hormones, you may also need to replenish important vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking in order to lose fat. Visiting a physicians weight loss center to receive weight loss shots, or lipotropic injections, can do just that, while also providing you with additional health benefits.

The weight loss shots administered at our physicians weight loss center are a combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are essential to stimulating your body’s metabolism, breaking down fat and giving you energy. When used in addition to a proper diet and exercise, you can improve your health, as well as reach your weight loss goals.

Lose Weight with Weight Loss Shots


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Lipotropic compounds stimulate the metabolism of fat that would otherwise accumulate in the liver and other tissues. Your liver aids in the elimination of metabolic toxins, as well as the digestion of nutrients. If your liver is fatty, it can’t function properly which causes your metabolism and your weight loss to slow down. Lipotropic Injections can help to eliminate this impediment, and therefore help you lose weight.

At RevitalizeMaui, we use lipotropic weight loss shots in many of our patients’ treatment plans in order to aid in weight loss, as well as to provide other benefits associated with receiving a boost of nutrients into the bloodstream. If weight loss is not one of your main goals, you can get similar health benefits from IV nutrient therapy.

IconHow Lipotropic Injections Work

Our lipotropic injections contain several different nutrients that enable you to burn fat and lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone. Lipotropic nutrients help with the process of removing fat from the liver, as well as tell your body to burn off excess fat for energy, as apposed to storing it or using other things, such as muscle, for fuel.

Lipotropic nutrients help rid the liver of bile and fat that can build over time. This bile and fat trapped in the liver can lead to several different health issues, including liver failure and cirrhosis, and can also cause the metabolism to slow down or to even stop metabolizing fat completely.

IconWhat Ingredients are used in Lipotropic weight loss shots?

The following ingredients are typically used in weight loss shots at a physicians weight loss center:

  • Choline: Supports proper liver function that exports fat and bile from the liver, and helps to ensure that fat is burned for energy. In this way, it helps to detoxify the liver and promote better fat metabolism.
  • Inositol: Also referred to as B-8, this lipotropic ingredient is most effective when used in conjunction with Choline. This is because when they are used together, these two nutrients create lecithin, which is known to help with fat loss.
  • Methionine: Helps to support metabolism, liver detoxification and is used by the body to create creatine. This role in the creation of creatine can lead to a better muscle to fat ratio, which helps support more weight and fat loss.
  • Amino Acids: Carnitine is often referred to as a “fat burner” because it is known for increasing fat burning by telling the body to furn fat instead of storing it. Arginine is another amino acid that helps with weight loss in several ways by improving circulation, endurance, cholesterol levels and fat metabolism.
  • Vitamin B12: One of the most well known nutrients for many different benefits, including increased energy and metabolism.
  • BComplex: Also helps to improve energy levels and overall health, as well as detoxification and fat metabolism.

Each of these nutrients plays its own important role in helping to promote healthy and faster fat loss than with diet and exercise alone, but when they are used together they are even more effective. Also, injections that deliver the nutrients into the bloodstream without having to pass through the digestive system ensure that you are not losing any absorption so you get the maximum desired effects.

IconBenefits of Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections should be administered by a trained professional at a physicians weight loss center. The combination of the various lipotropic nutrients that we use at RevitalizeMaui work to stimulate the fat metabolism process by using fat for fuel, which results in increased energy, body fat reduction and weight loss.

Each person is different when it comes to his or her lifestyle, underlying health issues, genetics, etc., so the results with lipotropic injections will vary from person to person. Most people receiving lipotropic injections at physicians weight loss should expect to lose approximately 2-4 lbs per week.

Weight loss shots do help in several ways to promote fat metabolism and loss, but the nutrients they contain also provide:

  • Support for the Liver with detoxification of fat and bile. This prevents liver damage and other diseases, while helping improve weight loss.
  • Enhanced Mood from endorphins that are released while fat loss is being activated by lipotropic ingredients. These endorphins also help to balance hormones, reduce depression, increase energy and improve focus.
  • Improved Heart Health by lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Appetite Suppression, which can help you adhere to a reduced calorie, healthy diet for weight loss.
  • Healthier Hair and Nails from the several vitamins and minerals contained in the injections.
  • Boosted Immunity from nutrients, such as Inositol, that help the body recover faster from sickness and prevent other diseases and disorders from developing.
  • Improvement of Arthritis due to nutrients like Methionine helping to promote the growth of cartilage in the joints.

IconGetting Lipotropic Injections at RevitalizeMaui Physicians Weight Loss Center

You can take oral supplements that contain the same ingredients as the weight loss shots that are offered here at our physicians weight loss center, but oral supplements must go through the digestive system which limits their absorption and efficacy. Intramuscular (IM) weight loss shots allow for the slow release of the nutrients directly from the muscle into the bloodstream, which allows for more rapid and effective results.

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