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RevitalizeMaui represents a scientific model for individual wellness and anti-aging that prioritizes patient input and a holistic methodology to provide comprehensive medical and aesthetic services for men and women looking to rejuvenate their bodies, energize their minds and reclaim their confidence for years to come. We are not a medispa, nor are we a traditional western medical practice. We incorporate all the most proven methods from eastern and western medicine to provide you with customized treatments, based in science.

Proven Comprehensive Techniques

If you have ever left your doctor’s office frustrated or in tears because you feel constantly tired, in pain or simply just do not “feel right,” but have been told nothing is wrong with you, then you can understand the limits of a medical system that focuses only on treating individual symptoms, and not your whole body’s health. This method of treatment can leave you as a patient feeling powerless, and unable to regain control of your own health, wellness and life.

Hormonal Balancing
IV Nutrient Infusion
Functional Medicine
Weight Loss
Botox & Fillers

Far too often, health-seeking patients are allowed to slip through the cracks because their “labs are normal,” which leads to the failure of preventing and addressing the root causes of illness – until it’s too late. Sometimes it makes sense to rethink an old, established way of thought, which RevitalizeMaui does by putting you in control. We work to revitalize your health and life with a novel approach to health maintenance. We focus on listening to our patients first, and all of our treatments are custom-tailored to ensure that the entire experience is highly personalized.

All the treatments we offer at RevitalizeMaui are based in real medicine and science, and our team is made up of highly skilled medical professionals led by our medical director Emeka B. Okwuje, M.D. Many times when you visit a traditional medispa, you may receive aesthetic treatments that help to improve the way that you look on the outside, without addressing any of the internal factors that contribute to aging or your appearance. While we do offer aesthetic treatments, we are not a medispa or beauty salon. We are a medical facility that specializes in functional, preventive and anti-aging medicine to help you replenish your health and vitality. We are advocates for your entire body’s health, and provide our patients and community with the knowledge, treatments & services to feel and look their best, while inspiring them to live their lives to the greatest fulfillment.


Hormonal Balance




Energy & Focus




Health & Wellness

Our center exists to help you cut through unproven, ineffective treatments, and direct you to options that can help you live the most fulfilled, vibrant life possible. These treatments include Functional Medicine Evaluations, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT), Medical Weight Loss, Medical Aesthetics, nutrient balancing through Vitamin Injections and IV Nutrient Therapy and more.

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Yvonne M.Yvonne M.

I have an autoimmune disease and recently started a new food plan which has allowed me to lose about 20 pounds and I feel great. However, my 65-year old... Read More

Wendy HootonWendy Hooton

I was visiting Maui with family and I had a wonderful experience at Revitalize Maui! I am so excited about the results I achieved under the competent and caring hands of Dr. Okwuje. When I come back to Maui I will be making another appointment. My experience at Revitalize Maui was the best part of my trip.

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Daniel LogtenbergDaniel Logtenberg

Revitalize Maui in Kihei, just a short drive from our place in Wailea, is a place I will definitely be going back to. The Revitalize IV Therapy helped me to overcome sickness, mental blocks and reduced energy. The friendly and knowledgable staff made me feel comfortable about my decision to do this IV Therapy even though I hate needles. They impressed me so much that I am planning to make this type of Vitamin Bar Therapy part of my routine health maintenance schedule. Your body and mind really will feel better.

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