Why we recommend Liporidex to our patients

Along with lipotropic injections, we provide non-prescription appetite suppressants and weight loss aids to our patients at RevitalizeMaui. Liporidex is a line of MD formulated supplements that are an alternative to prescription medications typically used at weight loss centers. They have lower stimulant levels and use safe, natural ingredients, while still producing great results for our patients following reduced calorie diets, or simply looking for faster weight loss results.

Liporidex® is a safe & effective non-prescription weight management formula developed over 8 years ago by Dr. Okwuje, and used by hundreds of thousands dieters seeking lasting weight loss success, without some of the issues associated with prescription weight loss medications provided by most weight loss centers. With Liporidex, the appetite suppressant activity will help you easily maintain a caloric deficit, while powerful thermogenic agents that are essential for safe and effective fat loss help reduce unwanted body fat, without any of the negative side effects usually associated with weight loss products.


Unlike its prescription counterparts, Liporidex is safe for long term use, and allows us to offer our patients at RevitalizeMaui reduced-stimulant and stimulant-free options to aid in their weight loss. This means that even if you have health concerns or are on medications that typically restrict you from being able to take a weight loss product, you now have options available to you. Because the Liporidex line uses natural, health-boosting ingredients in its formulas, you will have additional benefits from using them, such as increased energy and focus, elevated mood and more restful sleep.

If you have been struggling with sticking to a healthy diet due to overwhelming cravings, or simply feel your weight loss has plateaued despite all your efforts, you may need something to give you some help or a boost to reach your goals – and there is nothing wrong with that! You may have been wondering if a weight loss aid is right for you, but are also worried about potential side effects that come along with prescriptions from weight loss centers. If this sounds like you, ask us how you can benefit from incorporating Liporidex into your weight loss plan.

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