BodySculp Laser Lipolysis Treatment

It’s frustrating. You spend hours at the gym each week and eat a clean diet – saying no to your favorite treats and tracking all of your meals, yet those stubborn areas of fat that aren’t responding to all of your hard work. If you have tried to diet and exercise for fat reduction without the success of achieving your body goals, it may be time to consider BodySculp – an effective, non-surgical body contouring treatment that targets and destroys fat cells.

BodySculp is a non-invasive, effective, and safe fat reduction treatment that utilizes diode laser energy to permanently destroy fat cells. This treatment is a great alternative to traditional, invasive liposuction procedures as it requires virtually no downtime. Featuring four diode laser applicators, laser energy is used to penetrate the subcutaneous layer without harming the dermis or surrounding tissue. The fat cells that are targeted are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.


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BodySculp Treatment Before & After

BodySculp Fat Reduction Treatment

How Does Non-surgical Body Sculpting Compare To Liposuction Surgery?

In comparison to non-surgical body sculpting fat reduction treatments such as BodySculp, liposuction is a considerably more invasive procedure that includes anesthesia, surgical incisions, post-procedure restriction of activities that can be performed, and a greater recovery downtime. And while liposuction results are almost immediate, many patients cannot take the time off from work or their normal daily activities for the post-treatment care that it requires.

BodySculp is a great option for patients who have a BMI of 32 or less and are looking to remove stubborn body fat that diet and exercise cannot remedy, without the downtime and commitment of major surgery. Bodysculp has a low risk of side effects, virtually zero downtime, and permanent results are seen in as little as three weeks.

What Happens During Treatment?

Liposuction without surgery

During the 25 minute fat reduction treatment, energy is directed via diode laser applicators to the subcutaneous tissue – the layer of fat just under the skin. The energy is absorbed by the tissue, with skin temperatures reaching between 42-46 degrees Celsius. As a result of the increase of temperature, the water in the subcutaneous tissue is heated with no risk of damage to surrounding tissue, prompting the fat cells, called adipocytes, to die off. This process is called apoptosis.

The damaged fat cells are absorbed by the body and naturally removed via the body’s inflammatory response, resulting in a visible decrease of fat in the treated area. There are two alternating phases during BodySculp – build and sustain. During the build phase, patients may feel very cold at the treatment areas, followed by an increased heat sensation.

Patients may occasionally experience some tingling, pressure, cramping, and itching at the treatment site. During the sustain phase, patients can anticipate the treatment area to feel warm.

What Results Can I Expect / How Long Will They Last?

BodySculp treatments are most effective when done as a series. Dr. Okwuje typically recommends at least four treatments being completed, usually in 4-week intervals. As your body metabolizes the eliminated fat cells, fat reduction may be noticeable in as few as three weeks after one treatment, with full results visible in three months. On average, one session should result in a 24 percent reduction of fat in the treated area. Because the cells eliminated during the procedure are destroyed with the laser, these cells will not regenerate. The desired fat reduction should be maintained through a healthy diet and exercise.

Fat reduction treatment on Maui

What Do I Need To Do Before And After The Procedure?

All of our patients receive detailed pre and post-treatment instructions, including medications and topicals to avoid, contraindications, possible risks associated with the treatment, and the most suitable products to use to maintain the desired results before their first treatment. Any body jewelry on the area being treated must be removed prior to treatment. It is essential that the skin is clean and free of any products before treatment and that if you have hair in the treatment area, you shave it beforehand. Be prepared with information about your medical history as you will be asked about it to ensure your safety. Direct sun exposure should be avoided for seven days prior to treatment.

Is This Treatment Safe? What Are The Side Effects?

BodySculp is FDA-approved for patients with a BMI of less than 32. Firmness, nodules, redness, tenderness, swelling, pain, and bruising are the most common side effects. These side effects will usually resolve on their own within 1-3 days.

BodySculp Treatment at RevitalizeMaui

Our cutting-edge BodySculp 1060nm diode laser delivers laser energy that effectively penetrates the hypodermis to target fatty tissue without harming the skin’s surface. The disrupted fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s natural lymphatic system, resulting in fat reduction. Each diode laser applicator is equipped to achieve lipolysis as effectively, safely, and comfortably as possible for the patient. Patients should start seeing results within two to six weeks, with full results visible in three months.

With its short appointment time and minimal post-treatment disadvantages, BodySculp is clearly a winning choice for non-invasive, permanent fat loss. To ensure that BodySculp is right for you, virtual consultations are available with Dr. Okwuje. Call us today at (808) 419-7445 to set up your appointment!

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