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What Does This Mean?

As an Adrenal body type symptom, your weight gain is due to the absence of essential ingredients in your diet and supplementation, and by eating foods that over stimulate your adrenal glands: fatty foods, like meats and cheese, and salty foods, such as salted nuts and french fries, and alcohol. This has created a state of imbalance that has given you an overactive appetite. The weight gain that you experience is fat that has accumulated on your stomach and possibly upper back.

Balance your ADRENALS the natural way

Balancing your adrenals helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your adfrenals the natural way and love the way you look and feel.


Adrenal Body Type

To lose weight, you will need to cut back on adrenal stimulating foods, and include ingredients through your diet or supplements support your pituitary and thyroid glands – because they, in turn, support the adrenal glands. You should cut down significantly on red meat, full-fat cheese, and salty foods, and eat plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruit, white dairy products. You can still allow yourself to still have a small amount of caffeine and sugar. You should focus on poultry and fish for sources of protein.

While you are resting your adrenals, you also want to stimulate your thyroid by eating carbohydrates, and support your pituitary with an abundance of lite dairy product like cottage cheese, yogurt and nonfat milk. If you have a desire to snack, try drinking mineral water, and if this doesn’t ease your craving you can have a half carton of yogurt. If you give this stimulant to your Pituitary instead by skipping a salty snack and opting for dairy, you can also avoid another temptation for your body type – alcohol.

Here are some ingredients you can start focusing on to help your adrenals:

Vitamin D3
Adrenal issues are often linked to a myriad of symptoms, but low vitamin D levels may be one of the factors involved. While vitamin D deficiency normally the cause of things like Adrenal Fatigue, it can contribute to inadequate adrenal function. This is because vitamin D increases the enzyme necessary for the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline – the hormones produced by the adrenals. When physical and emotional distress depletes vitamin D, the body must choose between vitamin D and Cortisol and it will choose Cortisol for survival purposes, further perpetuating adrenal strain.

Carnitine increases the production of certain neurotransmitters in which we are often deficient and is particularly useful increasing energy levels. This ingredient also helps assist in weight loss by boosting metabolism and telling your body to burn fat to produce energy.

Some studies estimate that 75% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium helps to maintain energy flow, so a lack of magnesium can result in symptoms like fatigue and depression, just like Adrenal Fatigue. Magnesium also helps with muscle cramping, stiffness and insomnia.

Which foods are best for Adrenal body types?

Peanut butter

Best Choices:
Milk (skim)
Cottage Cheese (low fat)

In Moderation:

Overview of Adrenal Body Type

Dominant gland: Adrenal Glands

Physical characteristics
Female: You are strong looking, with a dominant upper body (may include larger breasts but not necessarily) and smaller hips (diamond shaped).

Male: You have a dominant upper body, with a think neck. You have strong, thick and straight tree trunk arms, legs, and hands.

Areas of Weight Gain:
Female: You tend to gain weight mostly above your waist: upper back, breast, stomach and in the front of your body. You typically do not gain weight in your butt.

Male: You gain weight in your stomach, have a thick neck and a round rear, you may have a “beer belly”

Food cravings: Salty foods, butter, shellfish, alcohol, yellow or aged cheese and other fats.

Personality: You are friendly, practical and outgoing. You’re not easily angered, but if your buttons get pushed you can explode.

Energy pattern: Energy lasts most of the day falling off at the evening.

Adrenal body types typically are know for having high energy, physical strength and endurance. These type’s dominant physical energy is reflected in a heavy, solid musculature, commanding presence. They are outgoing by nature, and often charming and charismatic.

Some celebrities that have an Adrenal body type are:
Oprah Winfrey, Kirsti Alley, Arnold Swartzenegger, Bruce Willis

Adrenal Body Type Diet and Exercise

Meals – You should have a light breakfast, even with just a piece of fruit or a vegetable juice, but don’t skip it.  If you are in the process of rebuilding your adrenal glands, add protein like fish or chicken/turkey, but you need to limit beef to once a month or less. Your largest meal of the day should be at lunch or dinner. You want to include a lot of vegetables in our diet, more raw than cooked (salads), as well as fruit, beans, rice, avocados, cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, sesame seeds, and soups.

Exercise – It is best for you to exercise later in the day so that you can release cortisol that has built up from the stress of daily activities. Activities that involve movement, like running or swimming, have a calming effect, while stationary ones tend to build up stress and tension in your body. It would be helpful for you to focus your exercise routine on activities that benefit heart health, because Adrenal body types have a higher tendency for heart disease.

A few activities that would be good to try are:

1. Handball
2. Squash
3. One on One Basketball
4. Walking

You should also include a small amount of strength training into your routine using light weights (max 10lbs).

You want to avoid heavy weights, rowing, basketball, football, rugby, etc. because these things can overstimulate to your adrenal glands.

Personality Profile: The Warrior

You have a quick, powerful energy, and approach life with a see-and-touch attitude. You are highly competitive, and can easily control and lead a crowd. You can come across as powerful and dynamic, and generally make your presence known. You are verbally uninhibited and often ask questions that other people wouldn’t. Your nature is fairly outgoing and charismatic, and you can easily be charming to others. You tend to be a “people pleaser”, and you have difficulty saying “no” because you don’t like to feel left out. Sometimes this leads to over-commitment on your part. You like to make a good impression, and you care deeply about my image and the approval of others.

You prefer to see what needs to be done, delegate the tasks, then oversee the work. You are action-oriented and like to be in total control of a project so you can determine the outcome. You often dive into something even when you’re not sure how to do it. You can become bored easily due to your short attention span, and like to move on when something becomes routine. Your emotions are secondary to what you think, and it is easy to ignore or suppress them, or often be unaware of them, until there is a sudden emotional explosion or outburst. These emotional outbursts are usually triggered by unrelated incidents, but after a tirade, the air is clear – you don’t generally hold grudges, residuals or regrets.

There is no sweeter pleasure for you than success – in every aspect of your life. For it to be real to you, success has to have a physical expression, like cars, money, recognition, or acceptance – the bigger the better.

Things that Adrenal types find stressful are:

1. Unpredictability
2. Situations that you cannot control through willpower or physical strength.
3. Creativity

In order to reduce stress in your life you should:
1. Set aside time to waste, or do nothing: go for a walk or simply relax. Scheduling this time to improve your health is not a waste of time, and will calm down your adrenals.
3. Listen without a purpose. Simply listen to people in your life, and you may actually find it enjoyable!

Balance your ADRENALS the natural way

Balancing your Adrenal glands helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your adrenals the natural way to love the way you look and feel.


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