Take control of your health and change your relationship with food by using our detailed blueprint guide for eating and living healthy.

Healthy is a choice

Instead of trying another fad diet, download this guide to help you learn how to eat to feel your best and maintain your health. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change that will help you reach all of your goals while you improve and maintain your overall wellness.

There are many diets out there, and some of them can be effective. But, you need a a nutrition plan that does more than achieve just one goal and that will guide you to a lifetime of healthy eating— you need more than just a diet.

Following a healthy eating plan will raise your energy levels, reduce your risk of disease, support your workouts, complement your supplement regimen and ultimately help you reach all your health goals. That’s why our medical director Emeka B. Okwuje M.D. designed this blueprint for our RevitalizeMaui patients. This 81-page guide will give you everything you need to achieve and maintain a healthy relationship with food, and allow you to achieve optimal health and wellness.

In this blueprint you will find the tools you need to:

Change how you think about food, revolutionize your eating habits so you can reduce your risk of disease and finally reach all your health and wellness goals.

These tools include:

  • A good and bad foods guide
  • Shopping list
  • A manual for making the perfect plate – this ensures you get all the nutrients you need at each meal, and still feel satisfied
  • How to do a self-assessment – where you are starting and where you want to be
  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • 30+ delicious recipes
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