IV Nutrition Therapy for Jetlag Treatment

IV nutrition therapy is the best way to treat dehydration and exhaustion from air travel, hangovers or sickness. Regardless of whether you are going to go on a trip, are just getting to Maui, or are experiencing other medical problems, IV hydration therapy ensures your body is prepared to recuperate as fast as possible. Don’t allow jet lag a chance to ruin your day, weekend, or your Maui excursion! Our custom and potent IV medications will help alleviate ailments such as weakness, stress, and tension, and also, help to keep away sickness from exposure to germs, in only 45 minutes.


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The expanding accessibility of Intravenous Nutrition medications is a standout amongst the most critical advances in the realm of lifespan and anti-aging medicine. RevitalizeMaui’s custom IV medications are curated by our Medical Director – Emeka B. Okwuje, a board-confirmed anesthesiologist, and pioneer in the growing field of longevity pharmaceuticals. Dr. Okwuje’s custom supplements depend on the best IV nourishment treatment conventions and are focused on people looking to improve their wellbeing, personal satisfaction, and performance.


Jetlagged? This treatment balances your body by restoring the fluids and nutrients that it needs for optimum function and energy levels.

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Get this treatment before you travel so you arrive at your destination feeling amazing, or if your destination is Maui, visit us while you are here to make sure you feel your best during your trip.


This highly revitalizing treatment will help to ensure that you don’t get sick during your, and feel back to normal faster after.

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If you need an extra boost before or after your travels, the ReVITALIZE can help with extra nutrients to leave you feeling great.


Counsel with Dr. Okwuje to perfect your IV to custom-make everything that you have to make you feel better quick. Get back on track with your day!

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Browse our choices of nutrients in addition to queasiness and headache prescriptions (if necessary) to make a custom treatment that will reinvigorate you and help remedy the side effects of jetlag.


How Nutrient IV Therapy Works

Nutrient IV therapy rejuvenates your body by immediately mixing every cell with nutrients. Presently you can unwind while your system is drenched in a treatment that has clinically demonstrated to turn around unfavorable conditions and side effects including anxiety, sleep, depression & mood, immune system conditions (SLE, fibromyalgia, Crohns/UC), Atopic conditions (asthma, skin inflammation, psoriasis), hypertension, headaches, and others.

Come in and experience this safe and efficient treatment for rejuvenation while you treat yourself in our spa-like IV lounge.











We also have a Vitamin Injection Bar with a choice of shots that can help enhance your wellbeing and health by giving you a lift in mental and physical performance, better mood, better immunity, loss of weight and more.

Vitamin Injections & Infusion

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