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What Does This Mean?

As a Pituitary Body Type, you gain weight due to lacking essential ingredients in your diet and supplementation, and by eating foods that stimulate your pituitary gland: mainly dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and ice cream. This overstimulation of your pituitary has created a state of exhaustion, which has led to an imbalance that causes fat to accumulate all over your body.

Balance your Pituitary the natural way

Balancing your pituitary helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your pituitary the natural way and love the way you look and feel.


Pituitary Body Type Test Results

You should strive to eliminate pituitary-stimulating foods, as well as incorporate foods and supplements with ingredients that will support your weight loss efforts. This means cutting out dairy products from your diet, and also cutting back on sugar, white flour, and all refined grains such as white rice. It is also important for you to increase your protein intake from animal sources, mostly consisting of beef and organ meats, but you can also have chicken and fish for variety. You can have carbohydrates in moderation, but only from whole-grain sources. Focus on having a lot of fresh vegetables, but fruit in moderation.

Pituitary Body Type Kit

Changing your diet in these ways will improve your digestion and metabolism, which will help your energy levels and lead to weight loss. Also, you should feel more in touch with your body, which will enable you to only to eat when you are hungry and to stop when you’re full, as well as improve your libido.

Some ingredients that you should start focusing on to help with your pituitary gland are:

Vitamin D
Studies have proven that having low levels of vitamin D negatively affects the pituitary gland. Vitamin D plays a role in the pituitary cellular growth and it’s ability to secrete hormones. Vitamin D also promotes proper sexual functioning through the pituitary gland. It has been found that low vitamin D levels can cause people to suffer from low testes and ovary functioning as a direct result.

Our bodies need magnesium to create neurotransmitters (biosynthesis), and then for those neurotransmitters to actually transmit. Magnesium also acts at both the pituitary and adrenal levels. In the pituitary gland, it modulates the release of ACTH, a hormone that travels to the adrenal glands, stimulating Cortisol release.  Given all of magnesium’s key mechanisms of action, it’s not surprising that low levels of this mineral can lead to numerous psychiatric and other types of problems. Fortunately, restoring normal levels of magnesium can produce positive changes in mood and cognition, healthy eating behaviors, healthy stress responses and better quality of sleep.

The pituitary gland keeps our hormones in our blood at the required levels, all while it is periodically checking in with the brain to make sure they are needed. Your pituitary has proteins that poke through the membrane of its cells that are bathed in blood rushing past, and sample for levels of each hormone. When you become deficient in B12, the pituitary suffers, and many times becomes damaged.  If the membrane becomes damaged, then the protein probes will be pointing in the wrong direction. This usually means that they will report back that there’s enough hormones in the blood, even when there might not be, leading people to underproduce them.

Which are best for Pituitary body types?

Body Types are Adrenal Pituitary thyroid Gonad

Cottage cheese
Peanut Butter

Best Choices:

In Moderation:

Overview of Pituitary Body Type

Dominant gland: Pituitary

Physical Characteristics: straight no curves, small boned
Female: Your body is straight without a lot of curves, and you are small boned.

Male:  Your body is straight without a lot of curves, and you are small boned. Pituitary type males are great runners.

Areas of Weight Gain: Baby fat all over

Food Cravings: Dairy food and sweets, refined carbohydrates.

Energy pattern: You’re usually a morning person, but your energy decreases as the day progresses.

Personality: You are idealistic and intelligent, making you good with mental situations, but not with physical situations.

Pituitary body types possess the childhood quality of making life fun. They are fun to be around because they approach life with a childlike openness and wide-eyed innocence. Lighthearted and creative, they are stimulated by new ideas and concepts, which they use to bring happiness. Also, pituitary types tend to be naturally capable, responsible people.

Celebrities with Pituitary body type include:
Calista Flockhart, John Travolta, Kate Moss, Gweneth Paltrow, Tom Hanks

Pituitary Body Type Diet and Exercise

Dietary emphasis – Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, with an emphasis on protein – either from concentrated plant sources, such as red algae, hemp hearts, nuts, seeds or bee pollen, or animal protein prepared with as little fat as possible (beef, organ meats, chicken, fish).  Having protein at breakfast will give you more energy and decrease your appetite later in day. If you do not have enough protein in the morning, it can also create cravings for sweets later on.

Meals – Lunch can be moderate to heavy, but just keep in mind that it is best to consume the majority of your calories by 2:00pm. Try to have dinner early and keep it lite with vegetables, legumes, and/or fruit.  Minimize dairy for every meal, and include variety in your diet by rotating menus.

Exercise – You should engage in Moderate cardio about 4 times a week, and focus on doing strength training at least 3 times a week. Avoid mechanical exercises and repetition in your workouts.

Personality Profile: The Visionary

You have a curious nature and are creative with a childlike openness. You also exhibit a childlike joy and love for life, and your appearance may even be somewhat childlike. Finding ways to bring more joy and happiness into your environment, and the world, in general, stimulates you.

You have both a strong imagination and reason. You love to learn, and you possess mental acuity and clarity, which you balance through trusting your intuition. You are logical, analytical and systematic, with a natural aptitude for computers. You are extremely responsible and capable, staying with a project until it’s completed, and prefer mental over physical activity. Physical exercise is a challenge for you and requires significant discipline.

You are respectful of others and of life. You’re social and receptive, and others easily cooperate with me. You are dependable, reliable and keep your promises. Being so generous and giving often leads to the point of spreading yourself too thin. You are forgiving in relationships until you’re finished with them. When relationships are over for you, they are over. Conflict makes you uneasy, so you tend to delay or avoid confrontation, letting a problem build up until you’re forced to deal with it.

Your ultimate rewarding experience is to feel happy. You love new ideas and concepts, which you use to bring yourself happiness. Your strong mental insight allows you to take what you learn and use it to assist others so that they can feel happiness too.

Things that Pituitary types find stressful are:

1. Your body
2. Emotions (both yours and others).
3. Food- thinking about it, cooking it or eating it.
4. Sex
5. Anything Physical

In order to reduce stress in your life you should:

1. Create relaxing meal times
2. Acknowledge conflicts, instead of running away from them.
3. Learn to compromise with things that may not be your ideal situation.

Balance your Pituitary the natural way

Balancing your pituitary helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your pituitary the natural way to love the way you look and feel.


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