Our Referral Program: The Best Compliment You Can Give us is a Referral!

Referral programDo you love RevitalizeMaui’s medical and aesthetic services? A referral is the best compliment you can give us. To show our appreciation and gratitude for sharing us with others, you will receive a $20 RevitalizeMaui Gift Card for each person that you refer, and the person you refer gets a special discount off their first treatment. The $20 Referral Gift Card can be used towards any service or product that we offer.

When referring your friend, family member, client or colleague, be sure to tell them to let us know your full name. This is important to remember because this is the only way you can earn your $20 gift card. We will not disclose any treatments or services you have came in for without your permission, regardless of your relation to the person, so rest assured we will protect your privacy.

Ready to start earning $$$ for referring us? Complete your registration below or give us a call! 808-419-7445
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How will I know that I have received my $20 Referral Gift Card?

We will email you the day the person you referred received their treatment so that you know your referral was complete. If you are a RVM Rewards Member then the $20 voucher will be added to your account. You can always call us to check your referral credit balance.

When will I receive my $20 Referral Gift Card for referring someone to RevitalizeMaui?

We will credit your account immediately after the person you referred has received their treatment.

What do I need to do to redeem my $20 Referral Gift Card?

Nothing, there is no need to print it out or show us your email. Our system keeps track of our referral program so your $20 Referral Gift Card will be saved on file for you. All you have to do is let us know you want to use it when you are paying for treatment.

Someone I referred to RevitalizeMaui came in for an appointment so why didn’t I receive my $20 Referral Gift Card?

1. Your email address and info is not in our system or you unsubscribed to our mailing list. To update your contact information, please call 808-419-7445 or email

2. The person you referred didn’t provide us with your name. If this is the case, the only thing you can do to receive your $20 Gift Card is to have your referral contact us to update this information. 

3. Sometimes we have patients who have been referred by several people. We are only able to assign referral credit to one person, so while you may have told someone to come see us, it is possible they gave another name as their referrer. In these cases, it is best to contact the person you referred to find out if they used your name or not.

Can I use my $20 Referral Gift Card with other offers, promotions or discounts?

Yes, fortunately, we will honor your $20 Gift Card as cash. Also, Referral Gift Cards never expire so you can save it for any time.

Can I use more than one $20 Referral Gift Card to cover the cost of my treatment?

Yes, you can accumulate and use as many $20 Gift Cards as you like. We really appreciate your referrals.

What if I was referred to RevitalizeMaui by two or more people?

We can only give 1 person a $20 Gift Card for referring you – it is your choice of who should get credit for it.

Do I have to be RevitalizeMaui’s patient in order to receive $20 Referral Gift Card?

No, you can refer others even before you receive your first treatment with us. Please make sure that your email address and info is in our system. To update your contact information, please fill out the form below.



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