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What Does This Mean?

As a Thyroid body type, you gain weight by lacking important ingredients in your diet and supplementation, and by eating foods that overstimulate your thyroid: sweets, like candy and soft drinks, starches, such as bread and pasta, and caffeinated beverages. By also not getting enough of ingredients that support your thyroid and then over-stimulating your thyroid in this way, it has led to a state of exhaustion and imbalance. This imbalance causes the accumulation of fat and/or cellulite on your hips, thighs, and lower abdomen.

Balance your thyroid the natural way

Balancing your thyroid helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your thyroid the natural way to love the way you look and feel.


Thyroid Body Type

If you want to lose weight, you need to focus on reversing your habit of over-stimulating your Thyroid Gland, and start to incorporate ingredients to help support your thyroid and weight loss efforts. As long as your Thyroid Gland is in an over-stimulated state, you will never be able to lose weight and keep it off.

A few great ingredients that you can get started with for optimal thyroid function are:

Possibly the No. 1 natural ingredient you need to start to support your thyroid is Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb proven to heal thyroid and adrenal issues that has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Adaptogen herbs help you adapt and deal with stress, and

Another adaptogenic herbs that works in supporting overall thyroid health is rhodiola. Another benefit to this ingredient is that it also has great fat burning, energy enhancing and brain boosting power.

B12 is an essential vitamin for improving thyroid function. It helps to balance the thyroid hormones naturally, and can also be great for fighting fatigue. We do not store B12 in our bodies, and it is very difficult to get optimal levels from your diet alone, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian, so many people turn to supplements to maintain effective levels.

Which foods are best for Thyroid body types?

Peanut Butter

Best Choices:
Skim milk

In Moderation:
Cottage Cheese (low fat)
Thyroid body types do not do well with one-size-fits-all diet plans. The more you concentrate on eliminating fats and nothing else, the more you will continue losing energy and gaining weight in your hips and thighs. Things like grains, cereal, pasta and bagels are so stimulating to your thyroid, and leave it exhausted and unable to effectively stimulate your metabolism. A lowered metabolism causes you to gain weight.

Overview of Thyroid Body Type

Dominant gland: Thyroid

Physical Characteristics:
Female: You have long arms and legs (in relation to your height), small bones, a short waist, and your shoulder width is close to the width of your hips. You have a round but not pronounced rear, and an oval or long face.

Male: You have long arms and legs (in relation to your height) and small bones. You have a short waist and accumulate fat around your waist. You have a delicate neck and your shoulder width is close to the width of your hips. You have a flat rear and an oval or long face. Thyroid type males are built for basketball.

Areas of weight gain: Hips, thighs, waist (below navel, center)

Food cravings: Sweets, caffeine, starches (refined carbs and fruit)

Personality: You can be irritable or depressed when you’re stressed out or tired. Your type can also be creative, lively and full of energy. You love change, and don’t like repetition or waiting.

Energy pattern: Your energy levels go up and down energy throughout the day, and you have a tendency to crash, similar to people who have low blood sugar.

Thyroid body types are known for getting things done. They are extremely responsible, and they will go to great lengths to fulfill their obligations, often at their own expense. Thyroid types thrive on doing things that are worthwhile and are often idealistic, wanting to make a contribution to their world. With an affinity for both the theoretical and the practical, Thyroid types are constantly formulating theories, then testing them based on their practical application. Bridging the gap between the head and the body, or the mind and the emotions, Thyroid types are able to see both side of an issue, distill it, and communicate its essence.

Some celebrities that have a Thyroid body type are:
Cher, Howard Stern, Julia Roberts, Michael Jordan

Thyroid Body Type Diet and Exercise

Dietary emphasis – Focus on protein, including nuts (especially almonds), and vegetables. You should try to eat more cooked than raw vegetables. Keep in mind that beets and/or beet greens cleanse the liver and stimulate bowel function, and asparagus also supports your liver.

Meals – You should focus on having 2 eggs (any way you like) for breakfast each morning. A lot of Thyroid types do not typically have breakfast, so this can be a change for you. Eggs are the best thing for healing your thyroid, and you should see great improvements in your metabolism within about 3 weeks of starting this.

Exercise – Provides muscle tone, figure control and mind-body connection.
It is recommended that you engage in some cardio-related exercises to improve endurance at least 4 times a week.

Good examples are:

Engage in strength exercises 3 times a week.

Avoid tennis and outdoor bicycling (holding your head up during outdoor bicycling puts a strain on the thyroid)

Personality Profile: The Communicator

Thyroid body types are theoretical and practical, and they thrive on doing things that are worthwhile. They have a strong compassion and empathy for others, and can understand and relate to all types of people. They are both intellectual and sensory, with a heightened sense of touch and intense interest in aesthetics, music, theater or art.

They are social, open and talkative, but tend to internalize rather than assert their feelings and attitudes, giving them the appearance of privacy and independence. They are in touch with their feelings, as well as those of others, are in control of their emotions, and attempt to evade conflict. Since disagreement would create disharmony, they tend to face conflict gingerly and indirectly.

Things that Thyroid types find stressful are:

1. Repetition
2. Details
3. Pain (even minor)
4. Lack of change or stimulation.

In order to reduce stress in your life you should:

1. Get enough rest
2. Take breaks
3. Accept limits
4. Make your home and workplace as soothing as possible
5. Reduce external stimulation
6. Pace yourself, alternate with rest.

Balance your thyroid the natural way

Balancing your thyroid helps improve your energy level, boosts metabolism and eliminated fatigue – all while reducing weight. Find out  how you can get started on balancing your thyroid the natural way to love the way you look and feel.


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