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What Does This Mean?

This body type is exclusive to women, because as a Gonadal Body Type you gain weight by lacking essential ingredients in your diet and supplementation, and by eating foods that stimulate your ovaries: greasy and spicy foods, such as rich sauces and creamy dips, dishes made with cheese or butter or spicy dishes like Thai and Mexican food. This creates a state of exhaustion and imbalance that leads to fat and/or cellulite accumulating on the areas of your body that are controlled by your ovarian hormones: your rear and outer thighs.


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Gonad Body Type

As a Gonadal Type, you should focus on cutting back on ovary-stimulating foods, while increasing your intake of ingredients through your diet and supplements that support and stimulate to your pituitary and thyroid glands since both these glands work to support the ovaries. Significantly reduce or eliminate red meat altogether and eat minimal fats and oils. Also, you should not have any stimulating spices. Make sure you are eating plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, a small amount of sugar and caffeine and a moderate amount of carbohydrates because these are the foods that stimulate your pituitary and thyroid glands.

Changing your nutrition in these ways will make your metabolism less sluggish, give you more energy and faster weight loss, and also result in dramatic loss of the cellulite that is typical for almost all gonadal types over the age of 15.

Something to note: When the ovaries become very weak the thyroid glands becomes in essence the third ovary. This is why many menopausal women start to have thyroid issues, and if you are going through menopause, you should follow the instructions for Thyroid body types.

Which foods from our Fat Burning list make the cut for Gonadal body types?

Lean Beef
Peanut Butter

Best Choices:
Milk (skim)

In moderation:
Cottage Cheese (low fat)

Gonadal Type Overview

Dominant gland: Ovaries

Physical Characteristics: Pear Shaped, Pronounced Buttocks, Slim upper body.

Areas of weight gain: You gain weight mostly on your rear, and also some on your hips and thighs.

Food cravings: Buttery and spicy foods, red meat and things like sour cream, rich desserts and ice cream.

Energy pattern: You are able to keep going, even when you’re tired.

Personality: The highlight of your personality is that you are warm and nurturing. Many times gonadal types will give to others at their own expense, which causes them stress.

Celebrities with Gonadal body type include:
Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez, Goldie Hawn, Alicia Silverstone, Sandra Bullock

Gonadal Body Type Diet, and Exercise

Dietary emphasis – Cottage cheese (low fat), fish, turkey, brown rice, tomatoes, yams, avocados, coconut oil, and olive oil.  Avoid things like peanut butter, russet potatoes, casaba and honeydew melons, and orange juice.

Meals – Focus on having a light breakfast with fruit, or moderate with protein, nuts, seeds, grain, fruit, and/or dairy.  You tend to be even hungrier after a large meal, so keep meals light for breakfast and lunch, with dinner being your largest meal of the day. Check out our sample gonadal body type menu.

Exercise – Vigorous exercise, especially in the morning, is beneficial for you both emotionally as well as physically.  Exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment and gets your energy going.

1. Moderate Cardio
2. Light Weight Training*
3. Dancing

*Strength Training
Upper Body: Three times a week, use light weights.
Lower Body: Exercise your lower body at least two times a week, using light weights

Stretches you should do:
1.Truncal twists
2. Lay on floor with your knees up and touch your toes.

Personality Profile: The Nurturer

You’re emotionally sensitive, and you feel others’ pain and then try to assist them. This special ability to recognize and appreciate the feelings of others allows you to bring out the best in others in social settings, and to offer emotional support. Being sensitive to the emotions of others often leads to your own emotional volatility, and because you are both highly emotional and physically expressive, it causes you to easily show your anger and hurt, as well as your affection, nurturing and joy.

You are more people-oriented than task-oriented, and you thrive on a substantial amount of human interaction. Your self-worth is directly related to how others perceive your accomplishments, but this need for validation can lead to self-sacrifice, insecurity and more stress. You don’t handle stress well, so playtime is important for you to maintain a positive outlook. Playtime, or time set aside to completely relax, is essential as it allows you to reconnect with my basic nature.
Also, when you are tired or stressed you typically have difficulty focusing and concentrating, so to compensate you will do “no-brainer” routine tasks, like weeding the garden or shopping.

You are motivated by beauty, which makes it important for you to look good and to project a strong image. You also enjoy bringing the beauty out in others and helping them to see their own beauty as you do, often by enhancing their appearance or beautifying their environment. Your true inner beauty is most readily accessed when being playful, because it is the ideal environment for you to express the full range of the positive side of your emotions with the people you love.

Things that Gonadal types find stressful are:

1. Competition
2. Interruptions
3. Changes in routine.

In order to reduce stress in your life, and move your body into a greater state of well-being you should:

1. Do fun, mildly competitive activities that will condition you to accept competition in real life.
2. Break your own routine weekly.

1.Take a different route to work
2. Rearrange furniture
3. Do something out of the ordinary (by your standards).
4. Avoid too much routine in general

By regularly making changes and interrupting your own routine, you will feel more in control and less stressed when external interruptions in your routine are unavoidable.

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