Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss

The Best Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss

Many physicians weight loss centers are now incorporating hormone treatments for weight loss to help aid in medically supervised weight loss. However, the two treatments that people seem to know the least about when it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, treating progesterone in men and testosterone pellets for women, may be the ones that can provide some of the most benefits, especially when it comes to weight loss or lean muscle gains and retention.

Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss: An Overview

Testosterone Pellets for Women

Testosterone is usually considered a “male” hormone, but it has been shown to increase energy, relieve depression and anxiety, increase a sense of well-being and improve memory and concentration in both men and women. Men and women both need adequate levels of testosterone to maintain optimal mental and physical health, and to prevent chronic illnesses that have been associated with low testosterone, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Testosterone is what helps women manage their emotions, keeping them from bursting into uncontrollable tears at something small like a sappy commercial, and also affects sex drive.

Women are often a little wary of even the suggestion of testosterone therapy, but low testosterone makes gaining and sustaining lean body mass difficult, which is why doctors at a weight loss clinic may prescribe hormone treatments for weight loss for women. Receiving the hormones in pellet form allows women to have a steady stream of them, without having to take oral medication or use creams daily. Depending on the person, this can result in more effective improvements regarding symptoms, including easier weight loss.

Testosterone Pellets for Women

Progesterone in Men

Just like with testosterone for women, progesterone is not the hormone you usually think about when it comes to men. Progesterone in men is a precursor hormone and gets converted into testosterone and other hormones, so they need it just as much as women do. As men age and their testosterone levels drop, it can be due to the decrease in progesterone levels as well.

In both men and women, low progesterone levels also cause estrogen dominance, which can lead to multiple symptoms including abdominal weight gain and larger breasts in men. Along with getting treated for low testosterone, doctors at a weight loss clinic may prescribe hormone treatments for weight loss may prescribe progesterone to men to aid in weight loss if their tests show that they are low in this hormone and a state of estrogen dominance.

Progesterone in Men

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