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Why You Need to Be Getting IVs for Your Hangovers

Just like with regular vitamin iv therapy for nutrient deficiencies, getting a vitamin iv for hangover treatment purposes can be much more effective than taking an oral medication to relieve your symptoms. Any ingredients in an IV vitamin drip will be absorbed better and more immediately by your body, making it all the more effective.

Why Should You Get a Vitamin IV for Hangover Symptoms?

When you consume alcohol it inhibits your anti-diuretic hormones, which are what help you absorb water from fluids that you drink. When these hormone levels drop, your body wants to push out water via urination, instead of taking it in. After you have an alcoholic beverage, that full fluid volume passes right through the body, and the existing water gets taken out along with it. That is why one drink turns into twice the amount of urine, and why getting an IV vitamin drip will rehydrate you far better than that glass of water you down out of desperation before you go to bed.

What Exactly is In the IV Vitamin Drip?

IV Vitamin therapy services do not just give you a regular IV bag of saline to rehydrate you in an IV for hangovers. These IV vitamin drip pouches are full of different vitamins, including the full range of B varieties which can help cure a hangover. For instance, the lack of coordination and foggy-headed confusion that you feel after a night of heavy drinking is treated directly by vitamin B1. A vitamin IV for hangover symptoms can also contain anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, etc, at notably higher amounts than what you can acquire in a standard over-the-counter dosage. Plus it is more effective because the IV vitamin drip delivers it right to the veins as opposed to when you take it in pill form.

Benefits of Vitamin IV Therapy over Oral Medications

If you were to chug down the contents in an IV bag it wouldn’t taste very good, and even more importantly, it also wouldn’t be very efficient. It takes a lot longer to absorb a much lower percentage of the good stuff in fluid you consume orally to begin with, and when we drink alcohol it causes damage to our stomach and esophageal linings. While they’re healing, they are even less able to absorb the things we may take to combat a hangover. Also, the results from an IV vitamin drip are almost immediate, which is much better than waiting hours for your headache pills to possibly kick in, or trying all those home remedies that rarely help.

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