Learn About Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy On Maui

What is Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Learn About Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is an easy, convenient, and optimal treatment for men and women suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The advantage of BHRT pellets is that the body does not experience extreme highs and lows because hormone delivery is constantly maintained.

Hormone pellets release bioidentical, or all-natural, testosterone and/or estrogen which is consistently metabolized into the body as it is needed. For some patients, this is a better option than pills and creams that must be taken at the right time each day/night to keep the constant stream into your body in order to avoid hormone fluctuations that can adversely affect your mood.

This may sound like a new, cutting edge treatment, but the truth is that hormone pellets have been being used since 1939. They were not very popular for many years because the hormone pellets are not FDA approved, and doctors were going to synthetic prescription options instead.

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy has increased in popularity again now because people are becoming more aware of the dangers with other synthetic prescription hormone replacements, such as increased risk of heart attacks, breast cancer and strokes. BHRT pellets are safer because they use natural hormones derived from plant sources that are like those made by the human body.

Learn more about the most common types of treatments that use hormone pellets below.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Estrogen Pellet Therapy

Estrogen is the most important hormone for women, and the loss of this hormone can put them at an increased risk for osteoporosis, premature ovary failure, colon cancer, heart disease, tooth loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, impaired vision, and diabetes. The longer a woman goes without the protection of her own estrogen, the greater her risk is for these conditions.

For women with low estrogen or those who are going through menopause, hormone replacement therapy using estrogen pellets is a great option. Estrogen pellets, which are formulated with the estrogen-like compounds estradiol and estriol, must be obtained and implanted in the hip area by a doctor. These estrogen pellets then gradually release the hormones in the body over an extended period of time.

Estrogen Pellet Therapy

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women

Testosterone pellet therapy is not just for men. It helps women with their libido, mental clarity, and muscle tone and mass. When their testosterone is low, women most often complain of mental confusion, and weight gain and poor muscle tone, even with regular exercise. Women who have low testosterone levels can benefit from bioidentical hormone pellet therapy with testosterone hormone pellets for women.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Men

Men begin losing testosterone at a rate of 3% to 10% per year beginning at age 30. This is also called andropause and is the male equivalent to menopause for women. All-natural BHRT pellets are ideal for men who want the benefits of a bio-identical hormone without the drawbacks of a using a synthetic hormone replacement option.

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy for men is the only method of delivering testosterone therapy that provides consistent and sustained testosterone levels throughout the day from BHRT pellets for four to six months without any spikes and dips in the blood levels of the hormone, which results in the patient experiencing mood and energy fluctuations.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Men

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