RevitalizeMaui Weight Loss Consultation

When it comes to weight loss, many people need some guidance on exactly how to change their lifestyle to have success – especially long-term success. Also, for many people, switching to a clean, anti-inflammatory diet and reduced calorie intake is helpful, but isn’t quite enough to get them all the way to their weight loss goal. If this sounds like you, it’s very likely that there are underlying health issues sabotaging your weight loss. Underactive thyroid function, chronic stress, hormone imbalances and toxic load are just some examples of these issues that can prevent you from losing weight despite your efforts with diets and exercise. Whether you need a guided plan, or want to take a closer look at your overall health, the best place to start can be with a weight loss consultation.

At RevitalizeMaui, our goal is to provide you with options that will give you healthy and lasting weight loss. Along with looking at factors such as hormones or underlying health issues that can be causing weight gain or an inability to lose weight, we also understand that sometimes you may need some additional help making healthier lifestyle changes.

Initial Consultation

In your Weight Loss Consultation, the goal is to understand what factors may be preventing you from maintaining a healthy weight, so that we can then figure out the best way to move forward and help you reach your goals. Once we understand your personal needs and goals from your consultation, we will order any necessary tests and begin to develop a treatment plan to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

We believe that there are these essential elements of lasting weight loss and maintenance:

  • Overall Heath – Eliminate underlying issues that prevent weight loss
  • Nutrition – Create balance with real food
  • Supplementation – Ensure maximum results
  • Exercise – Prevent muscle loss, energize and balance your body
  • Rest/Recovery – Nurture your body so that it can heal itself

Diagnostic Testing and Assessment

Our goal is to recognize any deficiencies and/or imbalances within your system that are effecting your ability to lose weight, as well as your overall health. This often requires in-depth testing. During your consultation, Dr. Okwuje will determine if and which tests are necessary to identify any issues that need to be addressed in your body in order to achieve optimal wellness and a healthy weight before looking at any lifestyle changes that may also be required.

Treatment Plans and Guided Weight Loss Packages

Whether you have a health issue that is affecting your weight loss that may require further treatment, or you feel that you could benefit most from having a structured weight loss plan, it is possible that your treatment may need to extend beyond your initial consultation.

If you decide that you would like to have a guided weight loss plan, we have many different options available. All of our Guided Packages include a consultation and 12 weeks of supplements and lipotropic injections, as well as body composition testing and monitoring. We have packages that allow you to create your own diet and exercise plan, and ones where it is provided for you. We also have varying levels of accountability and check-ins for your progress so that you can choose the option that works best for you and your lifestyle.

If you decide that you would like to start a Guided Weight Loss Package after your initial Weight Loss Consultation, you can apply the cost of your consultation to the package.

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